Aqua Mapping(2013-15)
Install shot, White Box Gallery, Portland, OR, 2015
Aqua Mapping is a series of voyages in various locations. In each voyage, a large inflated orange ball is towed or carried on various boats. The routes that each of these boats take are partly informed by journeys of historic, commercial, and military significance. Each documented journey, presented through a combination of still images and video, attempts to actualize the dotted lines that serve as signifiers for these routes on maps.
  Part 1: Aqua Mapping (Kochi), engages with the routes of maritime trade in southern India, in addition to the routes of the local fishing vessels and passenger ferries. Part 2: Aqua Mapping (Baltimore and Annapolis) explores commercial and military routes in the waters of the Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Bay. Part 3: Aqua Mapping (Astoria) highlights the rugged coastline of this historic port city and “Graveyard of the Pacific.”
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